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Entrepreneurship: Nutrition Simply

Shannan Monson recently joined provides her an additional space out of which to run her business, Nutrition Simply. Read below to learn more about her online business and check out her website. Shannan has established a welcoming brand. What is the business? Nutrition Simply is a holistic wellness, online community where I teach… Read More


ATDC @ Value Proposition

Addressing customers’ needs is crucial to success. hosts Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech every second Wednesday of the month. A representative comes to present on a particular topic. This month, Michelangelo Ho will be speaking about ‘Value Proposition’. An excerpt from the ATDC website reads, “Value proposition refers to addressing the pain points… Read More

Maker Fellowship: Autumn Exhibition

We’re rounding the track and heading into the final quarter of the Maker Fellowship. Alex Bustos has progressed with the 3D printer he has designed, printed, and built. The original concept was to create a mobile printer, though the project has evolved past that initial idea. Alex was able to showcase an operable printer for… Read More


Education & Mentorship @

Curiosity starts us down new paths of inquiry. As a collaborative workspace, is set-up to allow members to learn from and alongside one another as a community. We have established a mentoring model to encourage members to share their knowledge and experience with others. A mentorship at partners an expert in their field with a… Read More


Meet Members

Rebecca Sibley dropped by a while back. A transplant from Texas, Rebecca was in search of a co-working space. Read more below on with what all Rebecca is involved!   1: How did you come to be a member of   I recently moved to Augusta, and work remotely from home.  Shared workspaces are… Read More


Entrepreneurship: Augusta Sports League

Augusta Sports League is operated out of by member Keith Edmondson. ASL organizes adult sports leagues for the Augusta area. If you’re looking to get out and active, and meet some new folks, check it out! 1. What is the business? Augusta Sports Leagues, LLC. We offer sport and social experiences for adults in… Read More

Josh Headshot

Meet Members

Josh Keck works for RAN Services, Inc. here in Augusta, Ga, where they provide IT and web solutions. Josh is on the TEDxAugusta organizing committee and RAN Services, Inc. designed the TEDxAugusta website. Meet Josh!   1: How did you come to be a member of Heard about it from several people in the community, especially… Read More


We’re hiring!

We’ve grown alot since we opened our new doors at 540 Telfair St. Part of that growth has been in our labs and workshop. is in need of a contract shop technician. Work can be paid or in trade. This person should have experience in equipment maintenance and repairs including: 3D Printers CNC Routers Laser… Read More


Entrepreneurship: HYBRiD Health IT

Member Gloria Dunbar has run her own business, HYBRiD Health IT, for five years. She recently joined to take advantage of the co-working environment and has become a regular attendee of Founder’s Circle. Read on to learn more!   1. What is the business? HYBRiD Health IT 2. When and where did you found… Read More


Founder’s Circle: A Love Story

Founder’s Circle is a weekly meet-up for entrepreneurs and company founders with a focus on accountability and goal-oriented discussions on the nuts and bolts of running a company. At Founder’s Circle, we spend an hour each week engaging with other Augusta-area founders and business owners and talk about everything from high-level concepts like “Marketing” and “Growth… Read More

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