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Community Garden: Augusta Locally Grown

It started with the small want for fresh salsa. member Austin New started a container garden two years ago, and has enjoyed gardening ever since. He wanted to start his own seedlings and maybe experiment with varieties like Mendel, e.g. with science. “I ended up with about 200 more seedlings than I could plant on… Read More


Meet Members

Chase Lanier joined back on Broad Street last year. A year later he was hired as the Program Coordinator and Building Manager at, though he is jovially called the Factotum. He is an artist and educator most of the time. Meet Chase! 1: How did you come to be a member of… Read More


Entrepreneurship: Sand Hill Endeavors

Grace Belangia has been a member of since the early days. She is a driving force behind TEDxAugusta and an integral part of the day to day around here. She also operates Sand Hill Endeavors out of Read on to learn more about Grace and Sand Hill Endeavors.   1: What is the… Read More


Maker Fellowship: Summer Exhibition

Making is indeed in full effect with the members of our Maker Fellowship.   The Summer Exhibition took place September 15th at to close out the second quarter of the Maker Fellowship. Participants are full members of and they have been partnered with other members who act as mentors. A tremendous thank you… Read More


RSI Hackathon

Rural Source Inc. is bringing forth an afternoon of super-power programming!   In lieu of our regular First Friday Hackathon, is hosting RSI for a hackathon on October 2nd. From their event page:   “ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS- Calling all coding heroes and heroines to assemble October 2nd for the most noble battle of your lives! Take a… Read More

Perfect Storm

Entrepreneurship: Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm Art Enrichment Center is an art instruction business created by members Xavier jones and Sheldon Eastman. They have been operating out of the space since last winter. Get to know them and what makes them tick. The questionnaire was completed by both Xavier and Sheldon. Their responses are differentiated when necessary by their… Read More


Meet Members

Meet Jennie Fleming! She is a local artist and cultural activist. She is working on a campaign to bring attention to historical buildings in the Augusta area and hoping to impact the growth of the downtown scene. 1: How did you come to be a member of I am a curious person, so during a First Friday I… Read More


Community via

What’s happening in our community?   As the heat of summer begins to wane, autumn brings with it an uptick in activity. is involved with a range of events in the coming weeks. The events we partner with extend our mission to connect the community of with the greater Augusta community.   Each… Read More

Young Makers “Autonomous scooterboard project”.

    The Young makers are at it again.. This second Thursday, we talked about how a line follower robot works, and started making a big one that could hold.. people! We gathered some scrap parts from a old power wheels, and some wood , and started assembling it.       Here is the… Read More


Make @

Make to order.   From small projects to start-ups, our members create solutions, products, and services, with facilitating an environment where all this can happen. Necessity being one of the parents of innovation around here, the use of the space reflects the interests of the members. And we’re looking to shape some space real soon…. Read More

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