Wrap-up of “Learning Arduino with Melinda”

Wrap-up of “Learning Arduino with Melinda”

  • On February 1, 2017

“Learning Arduino with Melinda” is complete! The girls ended up coding a Magic 8-ball, with 27 different random answers triggered by a light sensitive resistor. The girls customized the code, and we all learned a little something in the process.

IMG_5094 IMG_5170 IMG_5180

Good Job! And again, thanks to Annette Arrigucci and Johanna Lamberti for helping with the classes. Also, thanks go out to Christina Purkapile of Booz-Allen-Hamilton and Mary Anne Harasim of IntelliGenesis for swinging by to share and check out the class. Melinda and Ed really enjoyed working with everyone in the process of learning more about Arduino and coding! 



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