Technology & Humanity Exhibit Call for Proposals

Technology & Humanity Exhibit Call for Proposals

  • On June 26, 2017 is curating an exhibit to hang in our space at 540 Telfair Street from mid-September through mid-December, 2017. This exhibit will be comprised of creations by artists and technologists.

The general theme is “Interpreting the Future” and can be explored in a myriad of ways. Creative folks of any discipline are encouraged to consider what it means to be a human in a world increasingly influenced by technology and to create an experience for viewers. Traditional visual artists may consider a utopian or dystopian future, or address technology in a visual manner. Maybe there are ways to bridge the two seemingly separate worlds of technology and aesthetics. Interactive displays are certainly encouraged. Essentially, how do you envision the future and how can you facilitate an experience for visitors? Can technology be used to create an aesthetic experience?

If you have a perspective or experience you want to share that incorporates technology and a visual format, show us what you’ve got!




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