Ivy Brown: Community Experience Coordinator @ theClubhou.se

Ivy Brown: Community Experience Coordinator @ theClubhou.se

  • On April 25, 2017

Out of the land of theme parks and eternal summer came Ivy Brown of Florida, by way of Rochester, NY. Moving to the area following graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, where she majored in 3D Digital Design, Ivy joined theClubhou.se in April as the Community Experience Coordinator.  Speaking about how she got into 3D Digital Design, Ivy elaborates, “The summer of my third year of college, when I saw Rise of the Guardians in theaters, I decided to make the switch from electrical engineering to 3D design. I wanted so badly to be a part of the magic I saw on-screen!”

Ivy has shown a propensity to collaboration and a sharp wit in her first couple of weeks at theClubhou.se. Presented with the Core Values of theClubhou.se, and which she most identifies with, Ivy said, “I most identify with ‘Give More Than You Take’. I strive to be flexible and generous with my time, energy, and knowledge.”

Inclined towards game development and 3D Design, Ivy brings a sharpened skill set that delivers before you’ve completed your challenge [the author is facetious of course, though Ivy rocks.] “I’ve got the bases covered on anything creative in 3D,” shared Ivy, “especially game development and 3D sculpting! These are two passions of mine that I would love to share with theClubhou.se members. Game design and development is unique to each individual and I would love to guide others on their own game dev journey. As for sculpting, it’s an easy exercise in creativity.”

Co-founder of theClubhou.se Eric Parker mentioned, “We were excited to bring another designer on board with a fresh aesthetic perspective whose role will be completely focused on cultivating a rich experience for our community members. Ivy’s background in game development, design, and 3D concept art will help to truly elevate the startup experience in Augusta.”

“Ivy brings a fresh perspective to building the innovative ecosystem of theClubhou.se,” beamed Grace Belangia, Executive Director of theClubhou.se. “As a millennial, she can represent the next generation of technology enthusiasts that want to thrive in downtown Augusta with like-minded creatives.“

Ivy will typically be at theClubhou.se everyday, so introduce yourself the next time you come by. Ask her about layout design or the 2D side-scroller game she is working on for fun!



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