Drone Bootcamp, presented by Skyraider Aeronautics

Drone Bootcamp, presented by Skyraider Aeronautics

  • On May 18, 2017

Do you fly drones? Yes? Good. Would you like to fly your drone for commercial use? Yes? Well, okay then, read on!

The commercial use of drones includes aerial footage of real estate and documenting sports events, weddings, and concerts. Drones can also be used for structural inspections and for agricultural support. Essentially, a drone can get above and around objects and events quickly, providing perspectives that were once costly or impossible. The burgeoning field of drone-related services is  expanding every year. Whether you want to pick up some extra work with your hobby or develop a business for the region, a commercial license is necessary.

Daniel Scheiner and Daniel Knaul of Skyraider Aeronautics are presenting a three-day Drone Bootcamp in June of 2017 at theClubhou.se. The bootcamp will  prepare participants for gaining licensure to fly drones commercially.

Daniel Scheiner shared, “This training is great for people who want to be photographers and videographers interested in commercial applications. Also amateurs who want to  understand the new rules and regulations surrounding drone flight.”

As certified drone pilots, they will guide participants through a 16-hour classroom training to prepare for the FAA Test. They will familiarize you with the “Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” of which you will receive a copy. Also included in the course is an aeronautical chart of the CSRA, aeronautical chart users guide, aeronautical plotting tool, and flight logbook. And food and drinks are provided for the weekend!

The Daniels will cover the FAA’s laws and etiquette regarding proper drone flight. This will entail common sense measures, as well as restrictions and permissible flight. In general, you’ll be clued in on how the law applies to you and protects you.

This bootcamp is open to ages 16 and above. Contact Daniel Scheiner ( daniel.scheiner@skyraideruav.com ) with questions regarding the Bootcamp.

Register for the Bootcamp here!



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