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Meet Members: Nadeem Soharab

Nadeem Soharab came by a few 3D-Printing Club meetings before deciding to join recently. Since he joined, Nadeem has been cranking out 3D-prints on the TAZ in the prototyping lab, adding to his already diverse technological arsenal. 1. How did you come to be a member of  Recently, I decided I needed to… Read More

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: E3 Embedded Systems member Chad DeMeyers and Kevin Huffman founded E3 Embedded Systems in 2013 to create custom circuit boards. Their shared interest, coupled with years of experience, has enabled them to create a product with multiple applications. Kevin was able to take a moment to respond to our questionnaire. 1: What is the business? E3 Embedded… Read More

Meet Members: Thomas Gordon

Thomas Gordon recently joined up with, bringing an interest in operating systems, networks, and programming. 1: How did you come to be a member of I had been curious about for some time. Eventually I got up the courage to attend PyNight, with the help of the lovely Savanna Stephens, showed up… Read More

What is a Serial Entrepreneur?

Ever wonder what’s the difference between an entrepreneur and a serial entrepreneur? A serial entrepreneur is defined as someone who will often come up with the idea and get things started, but then give responsibility to someone else and move on to a new idea and a new venture. This distinction has been increasingly made… Read More

Meet Members

Savanna Stephens first dropped by over a year ago, She decided to become a member and has been coming in regularly, taking advantage of the space and dabbling in programming. Meet Savanna! 1: How did you come to be a member of About a year ago I was preparing for an exhibition of my work… Read More

CORPORATE SPONSOR: Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz-Allen-Hamilton is a corporate sponsor of Christina Purkapile is one of our main contacts with the company’s firm here in Augusta and she took some time to tell us a bit about BAH and it’s partnership with 1: Provide one sentence about the company that works as a nutshell explanation/mission statement. Booz Allen Hamilton is… Read More


Terror Tech was formed by a group of founding members of to offer an improved product for an industry continually looking to raise the stakes: haunt attractions!   1: What is the business? Terror Tech builds automation solutions for haunted attractions 2: When and where did you found it? January of 2015 3: What… Read More


Luke Stephens sought out in the spring, drawn to the technological aspect of the space. He began volunteering here in May and has added his cheery demeanor and amazing work ethic to the mix. I encourage you to read within his replies below that he is concise, witty, and humble. Meet Luke!   1:… Read More

PyNight at!

PyNight at! Over 40 people came by on a Monday night to speed their fingers through code! More and more folks are developing interest in computer programming. has partnered with Booz-Allen-Hamilton to host a quarterly programming night, usually focusing on Python. Employees from BAH who are experts in Python serve as mentors for the… Read More

3D Printer Build Camp

Five particularly focused campers built 3D-printers last week at!   Bill Gray of Augusta University oversaw the camp, providing the design for the printers and using open-sourced code. The 3D-printers were built from scratch, using extruded aluminum for the frame and parts printed on other 3D-printers. Mix in some cut chrome rods, a power… Read More

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