ATDC Augusta Day Lunch & Learn: “Maximize your Startup with APIs”

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Nadeem Soharab will present for ATDC‘s Augusta Day in March. He will share about how to use APIs in the development of your business.

APIs, or Application Program Interfaces, are tools which you can use to develop your business more quickly and easily. APIs are often associated with “Big Data Analytics” and “Everything as a Service” trends. APIs are services which another company has made public for you, a consumer, to use for free or for a price. To name a few popular APIs, Google Map’s API is a service for finding locations, Facebook’s API can be used to query information on people, and Slack’s API can be used to create chat bots. The idea is that companies, with the resources to create these functions and databases, have these services readily available so entrepreneurs do not have to spend time and capital on proprietary research and development.