Coffee of the World for the Month of March

Ivy Brown: Community Experience Coordinator @

Out of the land of theme parks and eternal summer came Ivy Brown of Florida, by way of Rochester, NY. Moving to the area following graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, where she majored in 3D Digital Design, Ivy joined in April as the Community Experience Coordinator.  Speaking about how she… Read More

Code Bootcamp has kicked off!

In ten weeks, ten folks will step out of with a solid grasp of how to create a variety of web applications! We are proud to have Terrell Baker, Charlie Bradley, Audora Chalker, Austin Conder, Andrew Dueslers,  Jason Lucas, Jonathon Marshall, Michael McCann, Rebecca Van Loenen, and Suzette Verbeck joining us for this inaugural Code Bootcamp… Read More


IntelliGenesis, LLC. moved into the Augusta market not too long ago, and in short time, they reached out to establish a connection to Read more about their company below.   1: Provide one sentence about the company that works as a nutshell explanation/mission statement. To enrich our customers’ missions by directly applying our multi-disciplined… Read More

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Upliff member Jonathan Larry likes the upbeat, and he’s developed a platform to share the good stuff. Check out what he’s creating! What is the business? Upliff is a social network for sharing positive content. Upliff comes from the word ‘uplift’, meaning to morally or spiritually elevate and inspire happiness or hope. Our mission is… Read More

Coffee of the World for the Month of March

Geeking out on coffee for the month of March is the plan! James Snow of Snow’s Coffee & Tea is joining us in March to usher us through the coffee-growing regions of the world. Each weekday from 9am-11am, he will do pour-over brews of beans from a different country of origin. The first week or so of the… Read More

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