BFEG: Cyber Security Meet-ups

Posted by Chase Lanier on 09.29.2016 at 12:12 pm

Want to learn web programming and offensive cyber security? BFEG is meeting Tuesday evenings from 6pm-8pm at this fall. Structured as a group learning environment, each meetup will cover topics in programming and offensive techniques in cyber security.

Folks in the community who would like to delve into a myriad of languages head first are encouraged to come and join in the fun. For those interested, one of the organizers had this to share:

“Students should be comfortable writing a “Hello World” program in a language of their choice (e.g. Python, C, PHP). Day 1 of each topic will assume no more than this base level of programming knowledge and teach students everything required to proceed with the rest of the module. A caveat is that students with solely this base level of knowledge may have difficulty entering a module for which they’ve missed the first day.”

The participants will influence the direction. Thus far, meetings have been about half lecture / half hands-on. Participants must bring a laptop with some flavor of Linux if they wish to fully absorb the content from each meeting.


The working syllabus for the next couple of months is as follows:

October 4th, 11th, & 18th- Web Exploitation: web languages; database types; basic sql injection; javascript/jquery; directory traversal; adv sqli; common app structures; nosql

October 25th, November 1st & 8th- Cryptography

November 15th, 22nd, 29th & December 6th- Reverse Engineering & Binary Exploitation


Drop-in rates for are $10/day, with monthly memberships starting at $20/month. This Meet-up is geared towards ages 21 and up.